Virtual Reality-Based Training

The Future of Aerospace Training

Adams Group - Simulation and Training provides computer-based training (CBT) and has been supporting the German Air Force for more than 20 years. Our goal is to provide the best preparation for jet pilots and weapon system officers. With Adams Group - Simulation and Training, you make the right choice to learn, brief, and fly your mission successfully! From CBT to a complex virtual reality Eurofighter trainer, it's just a small step into the real aircraft!


Virtual reality (VR) brings the future to modern aeronautical training. We at Adams Group - Simulation and Training have embraced this new technology and provide highly realistic and immersive training for pilots. Our multi-task-trainer allows the pilot to train in systems handling, ground operations, takeoff and landing, or formation flying.

With VR, a wide variety of aircraft (e.g. Eurofighter, Gripen, F-16 or F-5) and missions can be flown - starting with single missions, bombing range training, or up to fully linked, complex missions with other nations. Everything is possible. A highly sophisticated debriefing can be done after completing a complex sortie using either a 2-dimensional (2D) or 3-dimensional (3D) replay.

The MTT Chair

We use a highly professional chair crafted of alloy. It is a measured replica of the original Eurofighter ejection seat. The chair allows the pilots to be seated in the same position as if flying in the aircraft. To ensure that pilots are training the correct hand and finger movements, we replicated the Eurofighter HOTAS (hands on throttle and stick) so every finger is trained as it would be in the real aircraft. Any other fighter HOTAS is available. The seat is also equipped with a vibration feedback system that makes the VR aircraft perceptible. The seat pad ensures students are comfortable during long training sessions.

The MTT Cockpit

Our MTT can contain several virtual cockpits and is designed from pilots for pilots and programmed by the best coders. It replicates either the Eurofighter cockpit with fully integrated system functionality or any other fighter cockpit. The pilots can train their daily routine and improve it because they can repeat steps hundreds of times, which they cannot usually do on a real flight or during a simulator mission. All features, including complex weapons and training missions can be flown.

Adams Features


The VRET is made of lightweight alloy (220 kg) and can be assembled either at home, an office, a squadron, or a fully secure container within no time. This unique feature makes our VRET deployable anywhere in the world.


The system can either be connected to a secure network, a stand-alone LAN, or the internet. It enables pilots to fly complex missions with other nations, train at home or fly secret missions with other squadron members in a secured container.

State of the Art

We use hardware components straight from the gaming market. That includes a high-end PC system with a focus on maximum performance. For the ultimate visual experience and immersion into virtual reality, we are using the latest head-mounted displays.


Compared to a multi-million Euro simulator, VR-based training (VRBT) provides a very cost-efficient and effective solution due to the simplicity of the system. You can choose between 2D CBT, 3D VRBT, or the more complex VRET - where even multi-national missions can be briefed, flown, and debriefed.


Multiple channels of sensory information are transferred automatically. With this instructional method, the user learns more effectively. Our virtual training is a magnitude of sensory information, including cognitively demanding environments and compelling and robust instruction.

Game-Based Learning

Training - no matter if in a 2D computer-based environment or the 3D complex VRET, is a unique learning environment that makes education a serious game and becomes easy AND fun!

Computer-Based Training


From conception to completion of interactive learning programs, from a regular review of standards and regulations to timely upgrades - your requirements and needs are in professional hands with Adams Group - Simulation and Training. Our products run in HTML5 on all current and available platforms. You can reach your target audience in 2D or 3D anywhere, anytime.


With our expertise, CBT becomes an educational tool which is made from pilots for pilots and provides quality, knowledge, and passion. We use Air Force standards and techniques, daily updated documents, and procedures. We currently offer CBT for our partner the German Air Force, with its weapon systems Eurofighter and Tornado.


Having a dream or creative idea is something we are accustomed to - together, we will reach your goal! Learning with the Adams Group - Simulation and Training CBT will not only prepare you for the real aircraft but also gives you better handling of the aircraft.

Our Expertise

Gero Finke, Eurofighter

Gero Finke, head of the VRBT branch, is a highly experienced former fighter pilot. Having flown 15 years as a Eurofighter instructor pilot and ten years as a weapons instructor on the F-4 Phantom, he accumulated a total of 3000 hours of military jet flying. Gero was base commander at the 71st Tactical Fighter Wing at Wittmundhaven, Germany (formally known as the Red Baron's legendary "Jagdgeschwader Richthofen") and Squadron Commander at Tactical Fighter Wing 73, Steinhoff.

Ulrich Jonas, Tornado

In 23 years with the German Air Force, Ulrich Jonas flew over 3500 hours on F-4F Phantom and Tornado combined. Serving as a flight instructor and gaining leadership experience during that time reflects today in two decades of working as a CBT author and section manager. As head of the CBT branch, Ulrich Jonas is the CBT project manager for Eurofighter and the divisional manager for Tornado.

The Team

Our team consists of highly experienced personnel. Twenty-four individuals work for Adams Group - Simulation and Training, from which we have 16 former fighter pilots and weapon system officers. (Eurofighter, Tornado, Phantom, Alpha Jet, and Starfighter) With more than 40,000 flying hours, our pool of personnel can cover every training need. Our programs are designed by nine coders and three 3D artists, all led by Prof. Dr. Claus Adams, who is a main shareholder of the company.

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